Think Spring and Vintage

It’s almost here…spring! When I look at my sad salt incruated boots I know that I’m ready for a change.

What’s in this season:

Colour: Pink, neon, white, nudes, navy, yellow, and red.

Pattern: Animal prints, strips, houndstooth, colour blocks, and simple florals.

Silouette: Flared, loose fit, leggings, and boxy.

Fabrics: Denim, silks, linens, light tweeds, light knits and cotton.

Gone are the days when your fashion choices have to be limited to just a one liner like black. It seems that the current trends can be interpreted in many ways and do I dare say unlimited in combination and choices. That’s right anything goes!

When I skim through the fashion spreds I notice one common theme-vintage inspired. So, why buy a copy and spend way too much when you can purchase the real thing in a better quality fabric- like wool or linen instead a plastic based fabric that was on its way to the land fill.

The vintage clothing industry repurposes good to excellant merchandise that is truly one of a kind and environmentally respectful. They were usually made in the country they were sold in, from fabric to sales, with no underpaid sweat shops involved.

I’ve been a collector of vintage clothing, woman’s and men’s, for a long time. My mom was my influence. She had a keen eye and feel for fashion and yes she was a striking figure whether she wore her faux pearls when she went grocery shopping, or gardening. Those were the days!

Toda ythe spring schene is full of stunning choices. Why not choose the vintage alternative, you’ll nevee look back.

Dominic RompolloLeopard Knit Top and Skirt Set

Vintage 60’s Houndstooth Skirt

I’d love to here from you and your spring fashion fav’s!

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